Benita Brewer

Benita Brewer is an artist residing in Chicago Illinois but has lived in different areas of the country. Her imagery often reflects the colors and shapes of her surroundings and the people that she has met. Benita works mainly in transparent watercolor but also loves photography and digital imagery.

She taught visual design and multimedia as an Assistant Professor at Indiana-University Purdue-University Fort Wayne (IPFW) in Indiana; received a BFA from Indiana University and a MFA in Electronic Art from the University of Cincinnati.

Benita began her career developing medical illustrations for the nursing profession and educational CD-Roms and websites for the agriculture market, animating the growth cycles of crops and insects. As the Design Director for CMG Worldwide, she produced advertisements and websites for the estates of Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, Malcolm X, Vince Lombardi, Buddy Holly, and Jack Kerouac. Later as a Consultant for Ambassador Solutions, her clients included Lilly & Company, Clarion Health, and Pearson Publishing.

She was awarded an Indiana Arts Commission Individual Artists' Grant and a Purdue University Faculty Research grant. Her work has been exhibited nationally and she is a Signature member of the National Watercolor Society.

Painting for Benita is a form of storytelling. Her ideas often start with a personal connection to a person or object. It is a spark used for developing a composition that reflects the essence of the memory but becomes more abstract and universal. The story may be hers but hopefully the viewer interprets the image from his or her own perspective. Much of her formal art training centered on the graphic arts and she enjoys paying homage to the typographers and designers that so greatly influence our view of the world. She also loves painting portraits and revealing a person’s personality and spirit.