As I was taking touristy photos in Santa Fe, NM, these ladies emerged from cars and started walking to the restaurant across the street. They stopped to greet me and I asked to take their photo. I loved the relationship within the group with some anxious to sit down to eat and some wanting to stand and chat.

Sunday Lunch / 11" x 15" / watercolor on paper / $350 (framed)

Doing What He Loves / 20" x 14 / watercolor on paper / SOLD

Warm Reception / 20" x 14 / watercolor on paper / SOLD

Telling My Best Friend That I Quit / 20" x 14 / watercolor on paper / SOLD

This was the scene from the top of a double-decker bus touring downtown Philadelphia last spring.

Philly In The Rain / 11" x 15" / watercolor on paper / $350 (framed)

April / 14" x 20 / watercolor on paper / SOLD

Winter Sun / 14" x 10 / watercolor on paper / SOLD

Cinco de Maya On The Plaza / 20" x 14 / watercolor on paper / $400 (framed)


I love painting portraits and figures in watercolor. I enjoy using the paper and the interplay of reflected light and color to show personality, expression, and to tell a story. While the settings are deliberately ambiguous to allow the viewer to form his or her own interpretation, each painting contains elements that allude to the subject’s life and situation; from a lucky dress worn on a first date a quiet moment lost in a book or the anticipation of live performance during sound check. All prices listed include frame.

Running Bear and Harvey / 20" x 14 / watercolor on paper / $800 (framed)

Red Dress/ 20" x 14 / watercolor on paper / $500 (framed)

While sitting our own porch reminiscing my husband and I realized we had a shared childhood experience. Without air-conditioning, our grandparents often prepped meals on their porches. My grandmother would snap the ends off the beans and my husband's grandfather cut off the ends with his pocket knife.

Suppertime / 10" x 13" / watercolor on paper / $300 (framed)

Benita Brewer

My mother, an amateur photographer, posed my brother and niece separately for their portraits. The sun was bright, the weather cold, and neither one wanted to be there. I love the expressions of discontent on their faces in the original photos.

Cousins / 16" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $900 (framed)

Looking Ahead/ 20" x 14 / watercolor on paper / SOLD

Last year, I was given a big box of family photos, many that I had never seen. One, revealed my mother as a young, carefree woman dressed in white for tennis in front of a row of irises. Her expression squinting into the sun reminds me of Frank Benson’s impressionistic paintings of lovely women.

Proud of the Garden / 22" x 30" / watercolor on paper / $1200 (framed)

Viva Las Vegas/ 20" x 14/ watercolor on paper / SOLD

Evelina / 16" x 16 / watercolor on paper / SOLD

In His Own World / 20" x 14 / watercolor on paper / SOLD