Bountiful Harvest / 20" x 14" / watercolor on paper / $500

 Grandpa Looking Over My Shoulder / 20" x 16" / watercolor on paper / $600

Lula Marie Never Called Herself An Artist / 20" x 16" / watercolor on paper / $600

Coffee Service / 14" x 20" / watercolor on paper / $500

Persephone's Return / 24" x 18" / watercolor on paper / $900

Creative Chaos / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $600

Loud and Proud / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $600

Ready For Summer / 14" x 20" / watercolor on paper / $400

Benita Brewer

Everyday Objects

Painting for me is a form of storytelling. My ideas often start with a personal connection or memory associated with an object. It is the spark used for then developing a composition that reflects the essence of the memory but becomes more abstract and universal. The story may be mine but the viewer interprets the image from his or her own perspective. The objects and the painting itself becoming a talisman used to invoke the viewer’s own memories.

My childhood was spent living in the same house with multiple generations. I was surrounded by a stableness of sameness and consistency. Throughout multiple moves as an adult, I have carried objects passed to me by loved ones. The objects themselves have little monetary value but are rich in sentiment to me. The shapes, colors, and patterns of these things inspire and beg to be painted.

In addition, much of my formal art training centered on the graphic arts and I enjoy paying homage to the typographers and designers that so greatly influence our view of the world. Many of my paintings include bits of labels or graphic shapes and signs.

Waste Not, Want Not /24" x 18 / watercolor on paper / $900