Every art project begins with supplies and elements carefully packed in their respective boxes and ends in complete chaos with pencils and brushes strewn across the table and floor.

Creative Chaos / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $600 (framed)

Mr. Ree's Suspects / 10" x 10"
​watercolor on paper / $110 (framed)

Italian Feast Deconstructed (3 paintings). This grouping represents an Italian feast of caesar salad, margherita pizza and gelato. It is an homage to the farmers who raise our food and the cooks who turn those ingredients into magic.
Caesar Salad Deconstructed / 20" x 15" / watercolor on paper (romaine lettuce, garlic, anchovy, lemon juice, and raw egg)
Margherita Pizza Deconstructed / 30" x 22" / watercolor on paper (water buffalo for cheese, wheat fields, olive oil, tomato and basil)
Gelato Deconstructed / 20" x 15" / watercolor on paper (cows for cream, sugar cane and fruit)

Red Blossom / 10" x 10" 
​watercolor on paper / $110 (framed)

Weapons of Clue / 10" x 10"
​watercolor on paper / $110 (framed)

Growing up, we played a lot of board games and cards; checkers and euchre being the favorites. These game parts hold so many memories of not only learning strategy and team-work but the joy of spending time together.​
All The King's Men / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $800 (framed)

I found this set of Russian nesting-doll checkers and love the all-female characters. When the women become “queened” they have little risers to stand on and even when set up as opposing teams, they still appear to work together.
​Queens At Play / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $1000 (framed)

Red Dragon / 10" x 10"
​watercolor on paper / $110 (framed)

Extravagant Whimsy

Painting for me is a form of storytelling. My ideas often start with a personal connection or memory associated with an object. It is the spark used for then developing a composition that reflects the essence of the memory but becomes more abstract and universal. The story may be mine but the viewer interprets the image from his or her own perspective. The objects and the painting itself becoming a talisman used to invoke the viewer’s own memories.

Blue Blossom / 10" x 10" 
​watercolor on paper / $110 (framed)

Benita Brewer

I started playing the ukulele a few months ago and in addition to the joy of learning to read and play music, the ukulele just makes me happy. 
Ukulele Bliss / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $900 (framed)

Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. The crane is seen as a mystical creature that can live for a thousand years and is a symbol of peace, happiness and good fortune. The painting “Dreams Demand Work” represents the beginning of the process, where a dream is conceived and the hard work to make it come to fruition is just beginning. The individual crane paintings represent the beauty inherent in each task.  The origami chandelier (click here to see the chandelier) is the beautiful result of not only envisioning a dream and working hard to accomplish a goal but also about asking for help and working as a team. 
Dreams Demand Work / 22" x 30" / watercolor on paper / $1,500 (framed)

Primitive Avatar / 10" x 10"
​watercolor on paper / $110 (framed)

Kokeshi dolls emerged from the Tohoku region of Japan during Edo period. They were made by skilled woodworkers on a lathe and then painted with simple designs and faces. They were originally sold as both children’s toys and tourists’ souvenirs but are now recognized as a vibrant folk art. Many believe that Kokeshi dolls bring good luck and happiness to a home.
Gardians of Good Will / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $1000 (framed)

On Saturdays, my grandparents would pay each grandkid a quarter for pulling weeds in the garden and we were allowed to walk to the Ben Franklin Five and Dime on Main Street to pick out candy. We cousins would argue all the way, deciding how to pool our money so everyone got what they wanted. We would choose from penny pieces which could last all week, fifteen cent candy bars to split and the twenty-cent, giant pixi-stix.​

Nostalgia's Delight / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / $1000 (framed)