Benita Brewer

New Growth/ 14" x 20 / watercolor on paper / SOLD

Hostas / 15" x 11" / watercolor on paper / $300 (framed)

This painting is inspired by my grandmother’s souvenirs from a trip to Holland, Michigan to see the tulips in bloom and aerial photos of the tulip fields in Holland. The shapes, patterns, and colors of the flowers and fields are amazing.

Tulips In Holland / 24" x 18" / watercolor on paper / $700 (framed)

Autumn for me is a time for fall vegetables like squash and pumpkins. I love seeing all the varieties and patterns at the farmers’ market and watching the squirrels attack the remnants of my garden.

Pumpkin Splash / 22" x 14" / watercolor on paper / $400 (framed)

When I started my own flower garden a friend told me about his mother’s poppies. Apparently, his father refused to tear down an old shed that marred her view from the kitchen so she cultivated a field of poppies in front of it. Years later, when the shed was finally in complete disrepair, it couldn’t be removed without disturbing the flowers and she refused to let them be trampled.  

Manchester Poppies / 14" x 19 / watercolor on paper / $500 (framed)

Most of my grandmother’s garden was utilitarian for food but as a young, married woman she planted a row of cliff roses just off the back porch and next to the kitchen windows. She tended the roses as her babies for years until they became a hedge wall. I can still see her face as she would pause in her chores or sit in her rocker, close her eyes, and become lost in the lovely fragrance.

Marie's Roses / 24" x 18" / watercolor on paper / $900 (framed)

Coneflower / 14" x 11 / watercolor on paper / $200 (framed)

Spring Poppy/ 14" x 20 / watercolor on paper / $600 (framed)