This painting is my impression of waking up to morning tea and lilac bushes in bloom.

Tea and Lilacs / 15" x 11" / watercolor on paper / $300 (framed)

My grandmother, Lula Marie Hueston was a fiber artist who sewed, embroidered, crocheted and tatted. She never called her creations art. They were just things she made to save money, beautify her home, and keep her hands busy. 

Lula Marie Never Called Herself An Artist / 18" x 15" / watercolor on paper / $600 (framed)

Raising her family during the Great Depression, my grandmother saved everything including clipping the buttons from old clothes before cutting them up for quilt pieces or cleaning rags. The buttons were reused as she made new clothes for her children and eventually grandchildren. When my grandmother passed away, I was given the button tin still filled with the buttons. When I pop the top, a scent still emanates that instantly takes me back to sitting on the floor sorting the buttons as my she
sewed a new dress for me. 

Waste Not, Want Not /24" x 18 / watercolor on paper / $900 (framed)

This painting is an homage to the artists inventing the vibrant patterns of traditional polish pottery.

Polish Abstract / 11" x 15" / watercolor on paper / $300 (framed)

For generations, the women in my family have made quilts. As a child, I spent much time at fabric stores, garage sales, and markets helping to pick through clearance table remnants and haggling for the best price.

French Linens /15" x 11" / watercolor on paper / $400 (framed)

Father Brown is a British Murder Mystery TV series where many of the crimes are solved over afternoon tea and a game of chess. Mrs mcCarthy has a fancy set of china and serves her award-winning scones while Lady Felicia is never without her fox stole.

Father Brown's Afternoon Tea / 16" x 20" / watercolor on paper / Sold

English Stacking / 15" x 11" / watercolor on paper / $300 (framed)

My mother saved green stamps and purchased a new place setting of this Lenox china every year for ten years. It was a ritual to take them down from the china cabinet; involving two or three of us to set the table, wash and then return the plates to their place after a holiday meal. Every time I touch them now, I am reminded of the various threats Mom made when she thought we weren’t being careful.

Coffee Service / 14" x 20" / watercolor on paper / $500 (framed)

Sacred Possessions

I grew up in the same house for my entire childhood and my grandmother moved in with us while I was in middle school. Before that, I spent much time at her and my grandfather's house in rural Indiana.  As the youngest grandchild, I inherited the leftover pieces such as my grandfather’s hand tools, grandmother’s doilies and button box, mother’s paint brushes, and the family board games. I have carried these treasures throughout my adult travels for the connection they give to the past and to the people I loves. Their shapes, colors, and patterns offer inspiration and beg to be painted. 

Loud and Proud / 18" x 24" / watercolor on paper / SOLD

Benita Brewer