Benita Brewer

Twin Homes is a collection of 77 images arranged in a distinct order and viewed as one piece. The images retain their individuality but lines created by light, shadows, and objects lead the viewer’s eye around the piece and connect the images.

This piece is a portrait of two places that I concurrently called home. Like many people today, I commuted between the city where my spouse worked & lived and a different city where I worked & lived. Life was a series of images as we traveled & made the most of every minute. The photographs are identifiable to viewers familiar with those places, like Freiman Square or the York Theater. However, hopefully they are also universal and could be a part of almost any urban environment. The colors, shapes, and text were used to add a sense of the whimsical and humor.

David Carson and Milton Glaser have had a great influence on my work. Carson often uses a combination of text and abstracted imagery to create a mood. In his work, it is not obvious how people should read or view the work. It is open to interpretation and the viewer must decipher his message, much like solving a puzzle. I continue to also study the graphic work produced by Push Pin Studio and Milton Glaser for its use of humor, shape, and color.